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The Frank Implement Company proudly sells the Mil-Stak line of bale stackers.  Here is a little bit about the makers of Mil-Stak Manufacturing – from their Facebook page.

MIL-STAK Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of large hay bale stackers for 3×3, 3×4, and 4×4 square bales. Designed by a former custom hay operator and fabricated in Fruitland, ID since 2001, our products are now being used by farmers and custom operators from many areas of the United States, Canada, Brazil and other countries.


Mil-Stak Self-Propelled Bale Wagons:


Haul 18 – 3×3, 12 – 3×4, or 8 – 4×4 bales with the Mil-Stak SP model. Powered by a Cummins/Allison powertrain combo and built on a custom chassis, the SP features the same proven stacking components from our pull-type wagons. The spacious, air conditioned, air ride cab and 10″ color touchscreen make driving and operating easy. With the fully automated loading and unloading functionality you will be stacking efficiently in no time and the simple mechanical design will minimize downtime and troubleshooting for years to come.

Mil-Stak Pull-Type Bale Wagons Use your existing 150+ HP tractor to quickly and easily stack big square bales. The PT model stackbed has the same bale capacity as the Mil-Stak SP model and the same automated technology. Simply mount the Mil-Stak joystick and display in the cab of the tractor and start enjoying increased stacking efficiency today! Mil-Stak Big Bale Conversion Kits for New Holland® Bale Wagons Installed on a 1095/1089 or BW to H series wagon, the Mil-Stak bale clamps let you switch from loading small bales to loading big square bales in less than 30 minutes.


Using your existing controls you will now be able to easily stack up to 15 – 3×3 bales or 10 – 3×4 bales with your New Holland® bale wagon. The Mil-Stak clamp can be fully integrated with the computer of the BW28/BW38 and H9880/H9870 wagons for automated stacking functionality.